Low-Cost Bankruptcy Payment Plan

We understand that many people needing to file for bankruptcy don't have the money to pay the amount that attorneys typically require upfront. Gregersen Law will help you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, with only $600 upfront! We will begin preparing your file for as little as $200.

Chapter 7 Payment Plan Terms

The Chapter 7 payment plan option starts at $1,275. You get filed for only $600 down and the balance in payments. The minimum monthly payment is $200. There is no interest or fees on these payments so long as all the payments are on time. The payments are debited directly from your account on payday to help make sure you never miss a payment.

Chapter 13 Payment Plan Terms

In a Chapter 13 case, some of the attorney fees are typically paid as part of the three- to five-year repayment plan. Your case may be filed after making a payment upfront, depending on the situation. The court-approved attorney fee for Chapter 13 cases in Utah is $3,000 to $3,500, and there can be other fees, based on the complexity of the case.


To qualify for the Payment Plan Program, you must be employed and have enough regular income. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to make your remaining payments. You must also have a bank account from which we can set up automatic payments with your consent.