What Bankruptcy Means For Wage Garnishments And Liens

Wage garnishment and liens can seriously affect your ability to support yourself and manage your property. Whether you are simply being threatened or your creditors have succeeded in these actions against you, there are options available.It is not too late to seek help. Gregersen Law is a Utah bankruptcy law firm dedicated to giving struggling clients the counsel they need to get a fresh start financially. We represent people in Salt Lake City, Clearfield, Layton and other nearby cities and counties across the Wasatch Front.

How You Can Stop Wage Garnishments

The quickest and most effective way to stop a garnishment is through a bankruptcy filing. Once you file for bankruptcy, your creditors must cease all collection activities. This includes garnishing your wages. We can help you take the proper steps to protect yourself and begin the bankruptcy process.

In addition to stopping garnishments, you may be able to get your money back. This depends on the timing of when you file bankruptcy compared to when your creditor filed a motion to garnish your wages. With more than 20 years of experience, attorney Mark J. Gregersen is able to help you stop all active pursuit by your creditors including garnishments of your wages and bank accounts.

Eliminating Liens With Bankruptcy

Many homeowners have multiple mortgages on their houses and are upside down in their properties. Lien stripping is a possible way to remove the junior liens, leaving only the original mortgage to manage. There are certain requirements and it can become complex. Rest assured we will evaluate all possible avenues to help you get back on solid ground.

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