Helping You Keep Your Home And Vehicle

People throughout the country lose their homes every day. Due to recent economic conditions, the mortgage industry is in the worst condition we have ever seen. Across Salt Lake City and areas close to home, our families and our own community members face these challenging circumstances.We refuse to give up. We are Gregersen Law, a Utah bankruptcy firm focused on representing the needs of homeowners and people in financial trouble. We guide our clients through the bankruptcy process and address threats of foreclosure, repossession, garnishments and more.

You CAN Save Your Home!

One of the top concerns for our clients is saving their homes. If you fear foreclosure or you have been served with foreclosure notices, contact us immediately. We can help stop the foreclosure! The process takes many months, and we can use that time to develop a strategy. This includes exploring Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a foreclosure defense, which could allow you to keep your home, catch up on mortgage payments and repay your debts. Until your house is sold at the foreclosure sale, there is time, but you must act now.

Don't Let Your Vehicle Roll Away!

Creditors may threaten you with repossession, and they may actually take your vehicle. You may think you have lost. Do not give up! Contact Gregersen Law today to find out how we can either stop repossession and/or possibly get your vehicle back.

Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 are bankruptcy solutions that will stop the repossession immediately. Depending on the circumstances, you can get back on track with payments, get the vehicle back or discharge your liability on the debt.

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During a free, no-obligation consultation, we will review your financial situation with you and discuss options that best fit you. Contact us at (801) 747-2222.
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