Understanding How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Help

To deal with out-of-control credit card bills, threatened foreclosure on your home, repossessions or other collection activities, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a good option. Chapter 13 is also beneficial for people who earn too much to qualify under Chapter 7 or who want to protect significant assets including a home.Take the first step on a new path today by scheduling a free consultation at Gregersen Law. We are a Salt Lake City, Utah, bankruptcy law firm helping clients find the end to their financial struggles. With offices located in Salt Lake City and Clearfield, Utah, we assist people throughout the Wasatch Front.Sometimes, overwhelming problems seem so insurmountable because you do not know what to do. Let us advise you by discussing your options. We will take action to stop the cycle.

Chapter 13 In A Nutshell

Chapter 13 is a form of bankruptcy commonly used by both individuals and small businesses. It is often referred to as reorganization bankruptcy. Chapter 13 involves paying back the debt you owe through a carefully tailored repayment plan based on your individual income and financial situation.

With Chapter 13, you can gain control. Instead of being at the mercy of your creditor's payment terms, penalties and collections, you can catch up and get back on track. Once you file for Chapter 13, your creditors must stop all activity, including calling you, sending letters, garnishing wages or threatening foreclosure.

During this time, we work together to develop a payment plan that will work for your monthly budget. Your plan will account for all debts and range from three to five years in duration. At the end of the term, some debts will be paid off and others not. Your remaining unsecured debt may then be discharged!

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