The Cost of Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Utah

Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney in Utah, and Discount Attorney Fees in Salt Lake City are probably not the most effective search terms to use when looking for a Utah bankruptcy attorney. Trying to determine the cost to file bankruptcy in Utah can be a challenge, since most attorneys do not post their fees online or tell you actual charges before you meet with them.

Bankruptcy Costs

Before we talk about how much bankruptcy lawyers in Utah may charge for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, let's discuss "filing fees and costs" often not mentioned, but these are the costs that will vary the least.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Court Filing Fees

The court filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Utah is currently a set cost of $335 and has been for more than three years. So when you're searching for Utah bankruptcy attorneys and their website quotes a filing fee of $306, then this may just mean they haven't updated their website.

Credit Report Fees

As part of their due diligence, attorneys should use the most current credit report including the three credit bureau agencies. It is very important to have a current, complete and accurate report to assure the accuracy of your bankruptcy petition. The best way for a bankruptcy lawyer to do this is to pull the report himself or herself. The free report that you can obtain online usually does not contain as much detail as needed for the petition, such as full account numbers and current balances. Credit reports pulled by an attorney cost around $40 for an individual report or $80 for a husband and wife, joint report.

Credit Counseling Courses

You will be required to take two credit counseling courses by the bankruptcy court, and the prices typically vary from $15-$60 for each course. You can take the classes together if you're filing jointly and pay only one fee. Both of these classes are currently available through our suggested provider for $15 and $10.

Total filing fees and costs vary from $375-$410.

Utah Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney fees in Utah typically range between $1,100 and $2,000. In general, the services of a bankruptcy attorney are worth far more than $1,100. If you make less than the Utah state median, only have a few creditors, don't own a business, and have not received numerous collections, judgments and suits, then you may be quoted a fee as low as $1,100. Likewise, if you are over the Utah state median, with an average bankruptcy case, you probably don't need to be spending more than $1,500 in attorney fees. The average bankruptcy case in Utah will run you approximately $1,100-$1,700 in attorney fees, plus the additional $400 for court filing, credit report and credit counseling.

Therefore, when you see a bankruptcy ad for $995 — you should not automatically assume that this is your out-of-pocket cost. There is a difference between the bankruptcy "attorney fees" and your actual "out the door" cost. Make sure you understand the "out of pocket" and "out the door" final cost for all of your fees.